The BIoA RNA Vision Program Thank You Page

What is RNA Vision:

The educational mission of the BIoA is to educate scholars regarding the concepts of RNA biology under the framework of a molecular biology focused class with some opportunities to learn mammalian cell culture. The course is designed as a primer for high school students interested in the biological sciences prior to their entry into an undergraduate program, or to undergraduates that want additional experience with molecular or RNA biochemistry concepts prior to their entry into a respective graduate program.

Our Mission:

The goal of RNA Vision program is to train young scholars in the field of RNA biology, RNA biochemistry, and in understanding the current forms of RNAi technology, and how this knowledge as well as these RNA tool kits relate to the betterment of human health. The BIoA’s goal is to develop a state-wide RNA initiative that focuses on developing RNA champions from many of our small to moderate sized public and privately funded schools across the state of Connecticut. 

How does the program work?

The BIoA is currently sponsoring RNA Vision in the form of focused class modules, where instructors teach students a specific lesson plan associated with RNA biology and/or RNAi technology across a four week module. These modules are designed to be flexible and the BIoA’s goal is to work with each of the schools or universities that affiliate with our program to ensure student enrollment is sufficient, that students obtain academic merit for RNA Vision participation, and that the course modules being offered synergize with current course curriculums so as to avoid duplicative efforts. 

Therefore, the BIoA offers two approaches in maintaining these goals. The first is that students signup to enroll in RNA Vision events hosted in the summer between academic cycles. RNA Vision can also be provided as an “in demand” alternative, where participants signup based upon their availability and an RNA Vision course is developed when the minimum course enrollment is met. These courses are held at our Groton lab space, which has laboratory space as well as an auditorium for RNA Vision lectures. 

The second approach is that the BIoA is willing to visit your school and offer RNA Vision courses to your students. Schedules for these courses are determined between the school or university of interest and the BIoA in order to better serve the respective student population.

Want to know more?

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Let us visit your school and teach your students about DNA & RNA techniques!

Event details and registration information to start in our Groton location can be found here.

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