I was forced to say “sorry” – Diversity at Yale

Hello all, I posted about this issue earlier in the year, which resulted in an empty blog post. However, this was more of a teaser to indicate that I wanted to talk about this topic, yet was unable to appropriately express the feelings and concerns I had about this dilemma.

For me this started when one of my former colleagues left Yale, and where I was placed in a scenario of being situated in another person’s laboratory. And for a while I decided to let it go; however, when I started working at Yale again I had another incident occur, which made me fundamentally believe there was a pattern of behavior at this institution that I was completely blind to. 

Why now? Well over the years, not talking about this issue rather than talking about it has essentially put me in a worse overall situation.  I think for now I will wait on the details, because I do not want to step over any boundaries regarding legal issues. However I wanted to communicate with everyone that I was placed in a very uncomfortable and awkward series of situations while at Yale. I also wanted to explain to other’s how I felt about my academic family’s behavior for the past couple of years.

Please be considerate here, as I have reported these incidents to Yale’s diversity and inclusion, and human resources departments. So I  am not trying to dodge anything, yet just trying to convey feelings without there being any legal concerns. 

Yet, bottom line, I was essentially I was sexually harassed. I tried to avoid it or think it was me in some way.  However:



Directly from the United States EEOC office – 

“It is unlawful to harass a person (an applicant or employee) because of that person’s sex. Harassment can include unwelcome sexual advances, and other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature.

Harassment does not have to be of a sexual nature, however, and can include offensive remarks about a person’s sex.  Importantly, both victim and the harasser can be either a woman or a man, and the victim and harasser can be the same sex.

“Harassment is illegal when it is so frequent or severe that it creates a hostile or offensive work environment or when it results in an adverse employment decision (such as the victim being fired or demoted).



So are two incidents a pattern?  I think it is.  Like an alternating colored striped shirt (blue and white).

So when I work at  a particular location and I was let go after the supervisor continued to find new reasons to let me go after the incident occurred?  I think that’s severe.

And I guess with this post I wanted to convey that I have been really hurt and affected socio-economically because even the checks and balances at Yale didn’t seems to fully work.  Because when I reported these issues it seemed that nothing came of it.

I mean I understand I am a white male, and perhaps this can be perceived as a white man’s complaining. Yet I never believed in belittling someone or treating them inappropriately because of their gender, race, or economic background. …..

That would be discrimination.

In fact, that is one of the reasons I started RNA vision. I think instead of the band-aid approach, by hiring people because they are of a certain background, we should fix the system from the bottom up. Instill in others the passion and excitement, regarding science, math, and technology. Explain to them the economic benefits, and career opportunities available to those with advanced degrees in math, technology, and science. Yet continually support opportunities for everyone to succeed within these fields. Provide internships and working opportunities for those that want to make difference, and for those who have passion regarding these topics.

For instance my company has had approximately six or so interns who were mostly students, develop writing projects, manage lab space, and develop teaching programs. All have been from different backgrounds, and all are welcome to use me as a reference if it helps their careers.

With this as an example, I fundamentally believe a new model within our education system is required. We as a culture in the United States need to foster, a naturally diverse population of scientists with rich cultural experiences that will in fact benefit all human kind. This is because diversity in the scientific community will promote the development of more relevant and culturally engaging questions. While this system will take time to build, I fundamentally disagree that the approach should be to forcibly move people out of science because they are male, or female, or black, or poor. That creates a culture of a uniformity within science. If that approach continues, science will ultimately fail. 

So to conclude this particular post for now, I would say, I am hopeful my academic family can believe in my mission, that we can work together to solve some fairly large challenges facing our society, and that we can move towards a path of healing rather than the silly infighting that will not result in substantive change within the United States education system. 

So I end on a positive note by saying spread love not hate, and to provide readers with a great excerpt from the Scientific American:

“This is how diversity works: by promoting hard work and creativity; by encouraging the consideration of alternatives even before any interpersonal interaction takes place. The pain associated with diversity can be thought of as the pain of exercise. You have to push yourself to grow your muscles. The pain, as the old saw goes, produces the gain. In just the same way, we need diversity—in teams, organizations and society as a whole—if we are to change, grow and innovate”. — Katherine W. Phillips [https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-diversity-makes-us-smarter/]


  • Written and edited by Brian D. Adams, PhD, President of The Brain Institute of America. 

SUNY is corrupt or maybe it’s TIAA? (re-post)

So in this series of posts I am investigating SUNY Albany’s clerical error in the hopes they don’t believe in fraudulent practices, and will resolve the matter forthwith.

Essentially SUNY Albany and I parted ways in 2017, and this meant all economic contributions and salary, etc.

However they made a clerical error and left money in my name in a retirement account, with my social security number, that’s making money.

So what’s the issue?

It’s fraud !

SUNY is not authorizing TIAA to release the money, even though they cut ties with me back in 2017.

When interviewed about the matter Dr. Adams stated

“They bullied and abused me, and then they said leave. Not only that, they are still earning money in my name.”

That was an interview with a reporter, as I have since contacted the NY attorney general’s office about the matter

So as promised I will start posting these affairs publicly until I am allowed to transfer the money.

This is the original email to SUNY Albany retirement office

“I am emailing this office in hopes that I can get in contact with someone regarding SUNY retirement issues. Apparently I have some money left in a SUNY retirement account that was promised to me upon separation from SUNY. Repeated attempts indicate that SUNY retirement office is not responding to TIAA-Cref regarding the money transfer The reason I bring this to your attention is that, essentially SUNY is holding money in a retirement account in my name which is accruing market value rates even though I am no longer working for that agency. Given the lack of response by SUNY one can imagine the intent is for SUNY to make money off a “ghost” account which is an illegal activity I would like to work with either the attorney generals office or the state in resolving this matters, as I will not tolerate someone using my name to gain profit or benefit for an organization I no longer work for

We all hope this was a clerical error, however my company will keep on this issue until all of the money (~$85.00 is returned to me, and the account has a zero balance)

Thank you for your time.”


See updated post, on our website about the updated status of this story. 






SUNY investigation continues

Hello all,

Normally I would space out these types of posts, however I no longer have the time for games, nor do I think it is appropriate that a company decides to withhold money from its employees and laugh in their faces while they do it. 

Essentially this is not about payout or the fact that the amount owed to me is minuscule (~$85.00); however, this is about the fact that money is accruing in an account at ~2% a year with no foreseeable end time.  And that is the ethical issue.

What happens if this money never leaves? Well in 100 years time, that’s ~$594 dollars.

“But Brian, you won’t be around in a hundred years…”

True, however, TIAA and SUNY are corporations that will most likely still be around in some capacity, and so where would the money go to afterwards? 

So here is an email from Lori indicting payout was made to my other institution account.


Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 6.56.22 AM

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 6.49.25 AM.png


So in the email, SUNY indicates a payment was made. So, if there was a payout then why this?



So TIAA knows there is money in this account, and that it is being actively managed. I speak with reps at TIAA on a monthly basis, and they keep saying someone from SUNY has to get in contact with them.

So both parties have thus far acknowledged there is a retirement account, and that money is there in an account.  So currently this account is now like a ghost account, yet operating in my name; which is essentially fraud.  

So what are the options? Well I decided to go public to ensure I am not liable for this issue.

Either SUNY allows the transfer to go through like TIAA has been requesting, or develops an ethical exit strategy.  Either way, the IRS should look into the policies of both SUNY- Albany as well as TIAA. Because they have money linked with my personal identifying information, and I am not going to have my life, nor my business turned upside down because some goof in one of these offices didn’t do their job correctly. 

At this point I would also say to the general public.  Don’t work at these places.  These organizations are so corrupt, its not even funny.  Their policies are not at all transparent, they are bullies, and treat their employees like dirt. 

In the meanwhile here is the SUNY retirement office’s phone number –

Perhaps the press can call them to find out the story, there number is 1-518-437-4700

Talk soon SUNY. Clean up your system!





SUNY saga continued

To continue the retirement issue I did want to comment by indicating I do have records for the accounting office people who claim they have depleted my entire account upon leaving the university.

When I check with TIAA I currently have ~85.00 dollars in my account. Since SUNY doesn’t respond to TIAA that my separation date was December 2017, I will gladly share information regarding the state of NY offices that should respond to TIAA. 

That would be Lori Coalts, Randy Stark, and the payroll department at SUNY.


Normally I wouldn’t speak ill of SUNY, yet this is fraud, because these people are held accountable, and I want my money.


Also this is now public that an institution is hold money in my name, which is federally illegal. 




Talk to TIAA soon (about the matter….  (Seth powers) – (303) 595-3434



Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 2.36.27 PM.png

The Brain Institute of America is developing a new portal…

The Brain Institute of America is developing a new portal to utilize de-identified RNA-seq data for academic collaboration:

RNA-seq datasets are essential for any oncology-based project.  With this in mind, we at the Institute decided its time to develop a portal to help anyone with relatively little RNA-seq data experience access really novel and important datasets.

Eventually we will develop this into a multi-user platform for our academic collaborators, with an option for outside usage as a fee-for service.

Thoughts or comments appreciated.