Addgene acceptance!

Hello all,

Here it is an amazing update for all you brain fans out there!

Our sister organization The Brain Institute of America Foundation has just finished discussions with Addgene. This group is a major supplier of DNA plasmids to the academic community. We as a foundation seek to understand how cancer starts and how we a treat it.

We spoke to Addgene about our mission and they listened. The foundation, which gives out grants to academic scholars seeking to understand the etiology of brain tumors, is now amongst a few of the groups that can access the full plasmid repository of Addgene.

We are first so grateful that Addgene believes in our mission, and we hope to continue working with this group and others in support of brain cancer research. The journey has been tough for us on the front lines, yet we know that with each day a victory can be had in the fight against this horrible disease.

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