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Expansion of Internet Security Protocols

During the era of COVID the Institute dealt with a number of bad actors that in our opinion would have no shame in bringing harm (financial or otherwise ) to vulnerable communities that require medical, financial, or educational attention.

Given the Institute is now considered an authority on providing relevant scientific, medical, and educational information to the public, the Institute has determined it is appropriate to boost its own internet security protocols.

“Acquisition and expansion of internet domain eminence should signal to others that the Institute does not condone website spoofing, spamming, or any other practice that would cause undo harm to another individual or effect their online privacy.”

We recommend these resources if anyone else experiences this type of behavior:

You survivors you!

Well on a personal note, COVID was certainly a tough situation for many individuals and companies.

Just remember, the actual numbers of primary Covid deaths are lower than reported, and there is little reason to not get vaccinated.

I know many of the survivors kept busy taking care of family and choosing to work. I say keep at it, and show the world America’s resiliency.

The Institute certainly tries to report on the actual scientific evidence for COVID, and it’s transmissibility. Sometimes this takes a while to do, but good science and accurate information take time to divulge.

Time to move forward America!

Stay strong and safe!

Institute Attains Educational Accreditation

The Brain Institute of America has recently been received the Best Academic Learning Resource accreditation award from the global tutoring group School Is Easy.

This award reflects the tireless efforts from staff, volunteers, and educational partnerns during a time of crisis in the nation, and support for our educational initiatives.

We advocate, more now than ever, a change in the US educational system!

Side-effects of PCV Treatment?

Hello all, here is a follow-up post on PCV treatment!

“n our previous post, the BIoA discussed the development of a combinatorial therapy to treat low grade recurrent glioblastoma multiforme. Given the like-ability of the post, we decided to provide come more content regarding the administration of the compounds in PCV as well as the side-effects of the therapy….”

Read more here:

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