The foray in and out of academics. and back in?

Building a company was never easy for me. This is my first startup, and decided to essentially take on the world in building a long standing, reputable Institute focused on everything Brain.

The process was tough for me, as there was so much pressure to give in, or was just told so many times that I was too incompetent to do this.

I am surely not a perfect person. I went through a nasty divorce, was subjected to multiple humiliating events at former research institutions, and essentially was beat down because I wanted some autonomy in my life, or have some position of authority…

The academic world is a strange system. There are so many complex and subtle nuances with respect to politics that actually make it difficult for researchers to achieve their own goals.

Towards the end my postdoc, I felt that much of my academic work was not due to any of my own achievements, but rather just another opportunity for a PI to use that information for a grant, or for their own systems.

So getting out of a mindset that was conditioned to think of the future as “I can’t” to one of “I can” was a very difficult process for me.

I don’t know what the future holds for my Institute. I am launching several programs to teach students about RNA science. I think it’s a good start for my team, as we have the tools and the research space to make a difference.

I am looking forward to the challenge, and the continued support from my academic colleagues. Forming a research Institute was both a professional and personal process for me.

I thank you all for your continued support.

Please keep viewing our website for updates. We are currently looking for science editors and part time teachers for employment opportunities .

Prez of the Institute