Walk for the Cure!

Hello all!

After talking with many of my friends and fellow brain cancer supporters, we came up with a plan to support a healthy exercise lifestyle, while promoting brain cancer awareness.

This is our first try at a virtual walk! And here is how it works. Click on any of the links below to enter into a walking route. The route home page will provide all the details on the route, the walk goals, and how to submit your information for prizes.

Keep in mind, all proceeds go directly to brain cancer research!

Please participate and help support the goal of ending brain cancer.



Upcoming Events!

Walk for the cure! – Mystic, CT! – (July 2018)

Walk for the cure! – New Haven, CT! – (August 2018)



Future Locations!


Walk for Brain Cancer New York! – (December 8th – December 12th)

Walk for Brain Cancer New Jersey! –  (December 9th – December 13th)

Walk for Brain Cancer Princeton! – (December 10th – December 14th)

Walk for Brain Cancer Washington, DC! – (December 11th – December 15th)

Walk for Brain Cancer Savannah, GA! – December 12th – December 16th)

Walk for Brain Cancer New York! – (December 13th – December 17th)

Walk for Brain Cancer Raleigh, NC! – (December 14th – December 18th)



Past Events!

Walk for Brain Cancer Scranton!  –  (May 20th, 2018)