Brain Cancer

The BIoAF Initiatives

Our sister organization, The Brain Institute of America Foundation (BIoAF), operates out of New Haven and New London counties, and has launched a number of programs to change the conversation regarding neurological malignancies. The BIoA is currently posting content on behalf of the BIoAF until the BIoAF website is fully operational.

Go here to find out what others are saying about the BIoAF, as well as some of the cool funding programs the BIoAF is sponsoring to help those in need –


Here’s what the Groton-Mystic Neighbors had to say about our sister organization the BIoAF:


“As Founder of The Brain Institute of America Foundation (BIoAF), I have been funding advocacy and awareness campaigns in local communities on the topics of glioblastoma and brain-specific illnesses (BSIs) since May 2017. After the loss of my father to glioblastoma many years ago, I wanted to launch a research institution dedicated to solving the challenges associated with BSIs. The Foundation is a voice for those with BSIs such as Autism, PTSD, and Glioblastoma multiform (GBM) because these BSIs result in emotional and socio-economic hardships for many families.”

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The BIoAF obtains Corporate Sponsorship:

The BIoAF has worked closely with a number of corporate sponsors to raise funds in support of BSI research. One such group has been H&R Block. H&R Block supports thousands of nonprofit organizations through their “Nonprofit Referral Program”. If you are still considering where to get your taxes done, why not click on this link and bring the respective flyer to your next H&R Block appointment. Not only will you meet some great tax experts, H&R block will also support the BIoAF in it’s effort to end BSIs.


The BIoAF’s Paint Night Series: