Health Watch: Mobile MRI Lab Offers Free Scans To Battle Brain Cancer — CBS New York

There will be 28,000 cases of malignant brain tumors this year, leading to more than 17,000 deaths.

via Health Watch: Mobile MRI Lab Offers Free Scans To Battle Brain Cancer — CBS New York

Here is our 1 day event for PTSD awareness

We are hosting a fundraiser event at the Groton CT 99 Restaurant.


More details to follow


TBI is a dangerous and often difficult disorder to detect, because many of the injuries are both subtle yet occur in a repeated manner. However, TBI can promote neurodegeneration and be an initiating factor for some neurological diseases.

TBI arises from particular environmental scenarios for certain high risk populations. For example, we know that veterans are significantly more likely to sustain a TBI from violent means, including assault or confrontation. Seems obvious, right? However, did you know that even those who only served one tour of duty were at an elevated risk for developing TBI-related health issues?


I am sure you are thinking, well I am not in the military, so this doesn’t concern me. Yet, did you know that those experiencing “mild trauma” that result from physical activity, such as contact sports can put certain individuals into a higher risk category for developing TBI. This doesn’t mean students shouldn’t play sports. However, this information is important so that students are aware of the risks they face when playing certain sports.


This I just one of many programs the Foundation focuses on, and we hope to continue these information campaigns for many years.

Therefore for today just bring this flyer or a picture of this flyer and show to your server today, Tuesday 10/13/18

All the proceeds help develop our advocacy programs for those with neurological disorders

Thank you!!!!

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