A major victory for the Institute!

Well here it is, the informal yet passive form of acceptance that SUNY is corrupt.

After sending numerous letters and reports to SUNY, TIAA, and the IRS I finally was able to get this account closed down. 

The official statement by SUNY was that “this was money collected in error, and that the funds would be returned to SUNY. ”  The interesting thing about this entire venture was that SUNY had me vested in a retirement account until one day short of the employer match. (which was last year). So the money in this account was never mine, it was just placed there by SUNY with my personal information in the hopes of growing the funds in my name….

I wonder what would have happened years down the road if this account gained real value. Would SUNY have just collect money on my behalf and then returned it to themselves?  Does an organize like SUNY even need to do something like this to survive? Maybe SUNY is an aging organization that has to play games with its employees to survive.

In my view, since SUNY knew about the settlement, they knew no money should have been in that account. In my view, by their apology they open the door to investigations of fraud.   

Also see the attached payout “or adjustments” they had to make to close out the account. Apparently $28.12 + $59.09 equals $84.57 (weird).

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 7.37.19 AM.png

My institute does not stand for this nonsense. While we are a young group, many of whom are volunteers, we treat everyone with respect, and are very upfront about our fundraising campaigns, our initiatives, and our mission. 

Thanks all to my new team(s) and collaborator(s), let do some great work!

SUNY Reimbursement Issue

Hello again.

Well here is the update.

Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 12.55.17 PM.png


This happens all the time. I get a confirmation number, and then the transfer expires.

This time somebody explained to me that there may be a stop gap to force SUNY to fold (as they have a provision that forces employers from withholding fund from their employees).


So we shall see.  The IRS has been notified, and the TIAA has sent another request to SUNY. I’m sure I’ll get my funds back very soon!