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Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is an array of disorders impacting the nervous system that limits individuals from properly communicating with other individuals, and can be the cause of severe behavioral challenges in children.

This disorder affects approximately 1 in 70 individuals, and is one of the fastest growing disorders in the United States. The severity of the disorder can be vastly different amongst individuals, meaning personalized care strategies are required. However, it can be difficult to detect the onset of the disease unless the ASD case is particularly severe. Some common signs of those affected by ASD include difficulty with communication, reduced social interactions, having obsessive tics, as well as harboring perseverative (repetitive) behaviors.

As an academic, I have witnessed first hand those with ASD, as well as the unfortunate hype surrounding the cause of the disease. Therefore, part of my company’s mission is dedicated to providing families and patients with information regarding this neurological disorder.

There are also many environmental factors that can be ascribed to ASD, however that does mean these factors necessarily cause the disease. Therefore, I ask that you please subscribe to our feed at –

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The Brain Institute of America’s Official Mission Statement on ASD: 

The Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) outreach program at The Brain Institute of America seeks to elucidate the most recent scientific findings in the field of neuroscience on the topic of ASD so as to provide topical information about ASD research and to serve as a resource for Autistic individuals and those close to the community. At The Brain Institute of America, we  prioritize inclusivity and support equal rights, access, and opportunities for Autistic individuals. Behavioral neuroscience research is important in regards to our understanding of ASD, as it provides a crucial stepping stone towards developing appropriate, beneficial therapies and resources for Autistic individuals. As a biomedical research company, our best contribution to the community can be made through the dissemination of relevant ASD research.


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In addition to the Autism resource page that The Brain Institute of America is building, please see below for special announcements and news reports on studies being conducted within the Autism space.

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