The Brain Institute of America Foundation – Advocacy Video Campaign Success!

The Brain Institute of America Foundation funds neurological research programs centered around mental health, brain cancer, and other neurological disorders. Funds are provided as grants to recipients for biomedical research dedicated to developing cures or solutions to these challenges. 

The Foundation is also a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching and educating others about mental health, brain disorders, and neurological disease, and also supports programs that promote cognitive function and brain health.

Recently, The Brain Institute of America Foundation developed a campaign to launch a long overdue advocacy video. I am happy to report, we reached our funding goal. Yay! This is for all you survivors out there! Keep on winning by living every day to the fullest.

Thanks all.


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Neuronal Development in the Amygdala Differs between Autistic and Neurotypical Individuals

“Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) encompasses an array of neurological differences which ultimately result in a broad variation of atypical behaviors (Baio et al., 2014). The spectrum of disorders refers to what is considered the range between low and high-functioning autism. While the experience of ASD is diverse and unique to each individual, there are a few characteristics that are commonly understood as the criteria for its diagnosis. These characteristics include: heightened sensory experiences, challenges in typical verbal and non-verbal communication, challenges in social interactions, repetitive movements, and consistent habits and behaviors…..” see more


Hello, this is Dr. Adams checking in. I wanted to start by first thanking our new team members as they have helped move forward an Autism outreach effort my group launched in early 2018. 

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Thank you all for your continued support!

Brian D. Adams, PhD
President / CEO / Director of Research, The Brain Institute of America, LLC
Professor, Department of RNA Science at The Brain Institute of America
Founder and Advisor, The Brain Institute of America Foundation