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Welcome to The Brain Institute of America.


When I was a child I experienced the debilitating effects of a disease that eventually took the life of my father. Glioblastoma multiform is not only a deadly oncological malignancy, it is a debilitating disease that causes socio-economic hardship and emotional trauma amongst the family members and friends caring for that individual.


I spent much of my career trying to understand the molecular underpinnings of cancer by studying non-coding RNAs. Often considered the dark matter of the genome, because so few knew much about these genes, non-coding RNA genes remain an unexplored resource of genetic information that has been linked to a number of diseases within the past decade and could very well explain the nature of glioblastoma multiform.


The Brain Institute of America was formed in 2017 with the goal of developing biomarkers for brain diseases and brain cancer. The mission is to develop effective biomarkers for those with chronic neurologic disorders as well as malignancies of the brain. The Brain Institute of America is specifically focused on non-coding RNAs, a type of molecule that operates by regulating gene function. We have identified several noncoding RNAs that are highly expressed in brain tissue, and The Brain Institute of America is pursuing those entities for biomarker development.


The Brain Institute of America is a biomedical research company operating in New Haven, CT with access to state of the art equipment and facilities. Currently we are in Phase I development which is geared towards developing biomarkers for clinical use. In phase II, curated biomarkers will be commercialized into a product for clinical testing and use.


We thank everyone for their kind support in developing our programs!


Initiatives of the Institute

[Camp success!]




2020 STEM – Summer Bootcamp

-Mommy, why is the sky blue?
-Because it just is hun.
-Or is it…?
The Brain Institute of America has partnered with Tutor Doctor to provide answers to these questions and more. Starting today, we have launched the 2020 STEM – Summer Bootcamp program, which encompasses a host of educational courses designed to engage and train student learners to participate in “observational experimentation“.
What does this mean?
Well, to simply ask a question regarding why the world is the way it is, fundamentally is how all children learn. Why are STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) disciplines so difficult to teach? Because we forget science is dictated by the rule of observation!
The summer boot camp hosts a number of classes that discuss the many facets of the biological and physical sciences, and include a foray into the RNA world with an introduction to the RNA Vision program. Importantly, all classes include a take-home lab project that is taught as a “laboratory session” alongside their instructors.
All classes are considered Covid-19 safe and all lab components are non-toxic/kid friendly!
Join us in participating in our summer program by clicking this link here.



The Brain Institute of America’s educational RNA Vision series has begun. The goal of the RNA Vision program is to train young scholars in the field of RNA biology, RNA biochemistry,  RNAi-based technologies, and how these RNA tool kits relate to the betterment of human health.

Please click here for news regarding this program.

RNA (Ribonucleic acid) acronym on colorful sticky notes



The Brain Institute of America is now accepting applications for a number of intern and employment opportunities! The BIoA is looking for web designers, research assistants, science writers, and more. We encourage those who are in the early stages of their respective career training programs to apply.

Please click here for more information on each of the roles the BIoA requires.

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This post may be outdated, yet the BIoA still has our inaugural video posted for anyone wanting to know more about the BIoA and our core mission. The BIoA has grown substantially these past 2 years, and this could not have been done without the continued support of our many volunteers. Please enjoy this Brain Institute of America video, and we hope to have many more in the future!

Please click here for the BIoA’s mission video.




Initiatives of the Foundation

Our sister organization, The Brain

Go here to find out what others are saying about the BIoAF, as well as some of the cool funding programs the BIoAF is sponsoring to help those in need –


Here’s what the Groton-Mystic Neighbors had to say about our sister organization the BIoAF:


“As Founder of The Brain Institute of America Foundation (BIoAF), I have been funding advocacy and awareness campaigns in local communities on the topics of glioblastoma and brain-specific illnesses (BSIs) since May 2017. After the loss of my father to glioblastoma many years ago, I wanted to launch a research institution dedicated to solving the challenges associated with BSIs. The Foundation is a voice for those with BSIs such as Autism, PTSD, and Glioblastoma multiform (GBM) because these BSIs result in emotional and socio-economic hardships for many families.”

See more details here


The BIoAF obtains Corporate Sponsorship:

The BIoAF has worked closely with a number of corporate sponsors to raise funds in support of BSI research. One such group has been H&R Block. H&R Block supports thousands of nonprofit organizations through their “Nonprofit Referral Program”. If you are still considering where to get your taxes done, why not click on this link and bring the respective flyer to your next H&R Block appointment. Not only will you meet some great tax experts, H&R block will also support the BIoAF in it’s effort to end BSIs.



The BIoAF’s CT Restaurant Tour:

The BIoAF has been invited to a number of restaurant chains in solidarity to support BSI and Autism research. Within the past couple months, the BIoAF’s visits to Groton, Wallingford, and Milford have all been successes because more individuals know what the BIoAF stands for, and how the community can help support the cause.

The fundraising competition continues, as the BIoA will be attending another BIoAF event at the Waterford CT Wild Wings on February 16th, 2019. Please bring this flyer to the event. Also you can keep using the flyer to continuously raise dollars for the BIoAF charity from now until May 2019!

Please click here for news about all campaigns developed to fund the BIoAF’s initiatives.