Terms of service update

Hello friendly supporters.


For those that use this site, or read our information off the blog site., please note that we have updated our terms of service.  The link can be found here, as well as at the bottom of any of our pages on our site.

Terms of service


Please note that these terms explicitly cover copyright protections and describe the legal protection against  third party consumers of any information on this site. This is to stress that while part of the Institute’s mission is to share information regarding brain health and tumor biology, in no way are we responsible for the actions taken by those who consume information posted on this site.


We also want to stress that we do not collect any personal information on our site, and all payment systems that require credit card or other personal information is collected via third party pay sites such as Paypal. We are not responsible, nor liable, for any data breaches on such third party sites.

We thank you for your continued support.



Brian D. Adams, PhD

President and CEO

The Brain Institute of America, LLC