Neuroscience News – June 10th 2018

I just finished reading a quick blurb on neuroprosthetics. In this field researchers are trying to understand the most effective ways to restore functionality to a persons life that has had a serious and debilitating accident that involves the loss of leg or an arm. The complexity of the problem is that developing a prosthetic that recapitulates the users desired movements involved rebuilding the muscle-nerve interfaces required for a patient to have autonomy over the movement of the prosthesis.

In a study by Clites et al., in Sci. Transl. Med. 10, eaap8373 (2018), researchers were able to piece together some of this puzzle by creating whats called a myoneural interface. The important finding herein is that patients receiving the myoneural interface implants achieved better success rates than those with traditional amputations.

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