[twitter title=”unispheredesign” numberTweets=”3″ username=”unispheredesign” /]
[twitter title=”Creattica” numberTweets=”3″ username=”creattica” /]
[twitter title=”Envato” numberTweets=”3″ username=”envato” /]


[twitter] shortcode parameters:

[table style=”border”]

Parameter nameParameter descriptionPossible valuesDefault valuetitleThe title above the tweets3numberTweetsThe number of tweets to show3usernameThe Twitter account to display tweets fromexcludeRepliesSet to true if you don’t want to display repliestrue or falsefalseincluderetweetsSet to false if you don’t want to display retweetstrue or falsetrueintervalThe interval in seconds to keep the tweets in cache
(prevents reaching Twitter API request limit)1800