Meet the Team

President/CEO – Brian D. Adams, PhD

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Founder of the Brain Institute of America and dedicated to eradicating brain cancer. Our company has over a decade of experience in the noncoding RNA field, and we are using this knowledge to develop biomarkers for neurologic disorders, glioblastoma, and rare forms of brain cancer. Since the formation of my company we have made collaborations across the country to foster the development of novel RNA biomarkers to detect these disorders. Our team is dedicated to finding cures for those with this disease.




Administrative Team – 

Marketing Team – 

Marketing Director – Elizabeth Posey, MS, MBA

Ms. Posey functions as the Institutes marketing director. She has spearheaded marketing initiatives in both for- and not for- profit sectors. Her education background includes a graduate marketing certificate and an MS in Research and Statistical methods. This combination in conjunction with a BA in Psychology gives her unique insight and makes her highly qualified for this position. Ms. Posey is currently her MBA in business analytics from the California University of Pennsylvania. Ms. Posey is dedicated to furthering the company’s mission by aiding in marketing initiatives in identifying networks relevant to the mission of the Institute.


Science Advisory Board – 

Clinical Trials and Biospecimen Banking

Angela Alexander, PhD

Dr. Alexander, operates as the Institute’s clinical director given her expertise in biospecimen banking for our research initiatives. Dr. Alexander obtained her PhD in Molecular Carcinogenesis from MD Anderson and UT Houston, and performed her postdoctoral work at MD Anderson performing breast cancer research. As a senior member of the scientific advisory board Dr. Alexander’s expertise makes her an important member of the team. The Institute has initiated collaborations with clinicians at several institutions that allow the Institute to obtain clinical specimens for biomarker assay development. Dr. Alexander will be a key advisor in guiding the Institute regarding the best practices in maintaining specimen integrity prior to biomolecule extraction.



In Vivo Modeling and Tumorigenesis 

Lian Willetts, PhD

Untitled-4Dr. Willetts, manages the Institute’s in vivo modeling and tumorigenesis program. Dr. Willetts obtained her PhD in Experimental Medicine from the University of Alberta, and is an expert in the field of intravital imaging and cancer metastasis. As a member of the Scientific Advisory Board,  her expertise allows the Institute to pursue initiatives focused on in vivo modeling of metastasis, as well as in understanding the clinical challenges associated with detection, and quantification of metastatic lesions. Dr. Willetts’ experience aligns with the mission of the Institute as metastasis post-operative measures is the leading cause of brain cancer related death. 



Alexis Tayoun

16114962_1388537137835308_908023682859063455_n.jpgMs. Tayoun, is one of the Institute’s science content creators, and is currently enrolled at the University of Scranton. Ms. Tayoun writes articles that highlights veterans affairs and brain cancer related studies. Ms. Tayoun is interested in cancer research as well as other brain health topics, including that how diet and exercise impact on our health as we age. After graduation, Ms. Tayoun hopes to attend medical school to specialize in geriatric medicine and palliative care.



Benjamin D. Benado

d3b50c77-4fd2-498c-8e20-417c62c5de99-e1516211081249.jpegMr. Benado, is one of the Institute’s science content creators, and is currently enrolled at the University of Scranton obtaining a degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. Mr. Benado writes articles regarding the development of chemotherapeutic treatments for glioblastoma, anaplastic astrocytoma, and other forms of brain cancer, as well as the  chemistry related to those compounds. Mr. Benado is also interested in the use of genetic engineering to treat cancers.



Gabriel Ragusa

unnamed.jpgMr. Ragusa is one of the Institute’s science content creators, and is currently enrolled at the University of Scranton, pursuing a major in Biology and a minor in Spanish. Mr. Ragusa has performed research regarding macronutrients and cellular nutrition, and writes articles regarding the implications of diet and lifestyle on brain health. Mr. Ragusa is focused on brain and brain cancer related research, and in medical trends among first responders and all those in the line of duty.



Logo Design and Marketing – 

We are currently outsourcing our branding and outreach campaign to CodeNYC, LLC. The design initiatives inspired by the founder of CodeNYC, LLC, uniquely captures the initiatives developed by the Institute. We will continue to work with CodeNYC, LLC as we expand the Institute to develop unique logos, favicons, and branding initiatives for both digital and print media.

We are also working with Christine E. Vrablic Photography for captive images that inspire the amazing science supported by the Institute.