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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our own podcast series. Please provide comments and feedback for future topic areas.


The Brain Institute of America Podcast

The Brain Institute of America Podcast by Dr. Brian Adams hosts Ms. Janet Burl.

Jan Burl is 58, physically challenged through stroke; her mind however, works miracles through its right hemisphere. She doesn’t ever consider “I can’t do that” as an answer. She has been an interim teacher, substitute teacher, tutor, and is an English Tutor and Researcher, as well as an associate editor for the BeZine. She attended College for Landscaping, Recreational Land Management, Animal Science, Agricultural Education, receiving degrees for all, and recently received her masters in Creative Writing and Poetry.

The above is what she is…but who she is… She is…a dreamer, a painter, a do-er, a peaceful old soul that always looks for the good in everyone, and finds out many stories. And she LOVES dragons, dragonflies, and loons (yes, they all fly, and see this world with a different perspective).

Life threw her a few curve balls; she never was good at land sports, so she turned to sailing and camping/hiking. Than the hemorrhagic stroke. Life didn’t end, though almost. Life changed. Old dreams and loves flew out the window and left a vacuum that needed to be filled. Her daughter helped her find her purpose, which is now a beginning to possibilities which are unending.

And, best of all, she writes children’s books under the pet name jsburl.



Blue Earth Podcast

Blue Earth Podcast By Future Frogmen hosts Dr. Brian Adams, President and CEO of The Brain Institute of America to talk about Brain Food: The Chemical Finding Its Way Into Your Food And Beverages by Blue Earth.


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