Route – 5 (Washington, DC)

Set in the beautiful backdrop of Washington, DC, this route is approximately 3 miles long that goes along Constitution Avenue, and continues through Independence way!  Stay tunes, multiple maps will become available for the DC area!

(December 11th – December 15th)


So here is how it works.

First click on the link below to participate

Entry Fee ($10.00)

All proceeds go directly to brain cancer research (Research being funded)!

Once entered, go check out the course map!


Washington, DC Course Map

(sign up to see map)


Details of the course

Enjoy this 3 mile walk or run through downtown Washington, DC!

Before you start, take a picture of your start time (either from the phone, Fitbit, or watch) We prefer Fitbit, phone, or some other device that also tracks the number of steps to accompany your time. And then just enjoy the course!

Please capture your end times as well, and submit to email dropbox below.  This way we know who participated. Those who donate and complete the course are automatically entered for a prize!

Link to deposit start and stop times

Though if you just want to participate, just to walk and be healthy, then please enjoy!

Also as a bonus, take a picture of the surrounding scenery. The best image submitted goes to our artists for rendering. A free print is returned to the winner.

Link to deposit scenery pictures

So sign up today and help end brain cancer!


Virtual Walk Participation