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The Brain Institute of America is developing an academic centered journal focused on research from early career scientific investigators that have sufficient data or hypotheses that aid in the development of the neuroscience field or provides pertinent research as it relates to some component of brain function. The papers submitted can be short communications, critical reviews, original articles, research letters, or policy stances. Submitted articles must be concise, meaningful, and contain impactful information that informs the neuroscience community of a novel biological process. For policy stances, a precise solution must be provided for a clearly described challenge in the neuroscience field. For research letters, we encourage researchers to submit succinct short research summaries to which an audience having rudimentary neuroscience knowledge can subsequently make informed conclusions regarding the author’s study. Currently the Brain Institute of America is recruiting editorial board members. If you are interested in serving on the board please send us a contact request form here for more information:

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