SUNY Continued

Hello all,


To continue this particular story, I decided to go full on transparent here.

Remember that I have an account balance remaining in a retirement account from a former employer.



So I was finally able to speak with someone at TIAA, and as you can now see a transfer was placed back on July 12th in the amount of $86.31.  As you can see money has already accumulated in the fund… and that all of my money at TIAA is in this fund.

TIAA indicates they are waiting to hear from SUNY retirement, which is the same answer I have received from TIAA for the past 6 months. Because my expectations for resolving this process is quite low, I already took the liberty of filing a report with the IRS against SUNY Albany to indicate they are now legally liable and may be subject to an audit by the IRS for their blatant faulty accounting practices.


Again since SUNY-Albany has a monetary asset linked with my personal identifying information, and yet are not releasing that information even though (me) the employee separated, they are legally liable to return the funds.

Again, I would also say to the general public.  Don’t work at these places.  These organizations are so corrupt, its not even funny.  Their policies are not at all transparent, they are bullies, and treat their employees like dirt.

In the meanwhile here is the SUNY retirement office’s phone number –

Perhaps the press can call them to find out the story, there number is 1-518-437-4700