SUNY investigation continues

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Normally I would space out these types of posts, however I no longer have the time for games, nor do I think it is appropriate that a company decides to withhold money from its employees and laugh in their faces while they do it. 

Essentially this is not about payout or the fact that the amount owed to me is minuscule (~$85.00); however, this is about the fact that money is accruing in an account at ~2% a year with no foreseeable end time.  And that is the ethical issue.

What happens if this money never leaves? Well in 100 years time, that’s ~$594 dollars.

“But Brian, you won’t be around in a hundred years…”

True, however, TIAA and SUNY are corporations that will most likely still be around in some capacity, and so where would the money go to afterwards? 

So here is an email from Lori indicting payout was made to my other institution account.


Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 6.56.22 AM

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 6.49.25 AM.png


So in the email, SUNY indicates a payment was made. So, if there was a payout then why this?



So TIAA knows there is money in this account, and that it is being actively managed. I speak with reps at TIAA on a monthly basis, and they keep saying someone from SUNY has to get in contact with them.

So both parties have thus far acknowledged there is a retirement account, and that money is there in an account.  So currently this account is now like a ghost account, yet operating in my name; which is essentially fraud.  

So what are the options? Well I decided to go public to ensure I am not liable for this issue.

Either SUNY allows the transfer to go through like TIAA has been requesting, or develops an ethical exit strategy.  Either way, the IRS should look into the policies of both SUNY- Albany as well as TIAA. Because they have money linked with my personal identifying information, and I am not going to have my life, nor my business turned upside down because some goof in one of these offices didn’t do their job correctly. 

At this point I would also say to the general public.  Don’t work at these places.  These organizations are so corrupt, its not even funny.  Their policies are not at all transparent, they are bullies, and treat their employees like dirt. 

In the meanwhile here is the SUNY retirement office’s phone number –

Perhaps the press can call them to find out the story, there number is 1-518-437-4700

Talk soon SUNY. Clean up your system!





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