SUNY saga continued

To continue the retirement issue I did want to comment by indicating I do have records for the accounting office people who claim they have depleted my entire account upon leaving the university.

When I check with TIAA I currently have ~85.00 dollars in my account. Since SUNY doesn’t respond to TIAA that my separation date was December 2017, I will gladly share information regarding the state of NY offices that should respond to TIAA. 

That would be Lori Coalts, Randy Stark, and the payroll department at SUNY.


Normally I wouldn’t speak ill of SUNY, yet this is fraud, because these people are held accountable, and I want my money.


Also this is now public that an institution is hold money in my name, which is federally illegal. 




Talk to TIAA soon (about the matter….  (Seth powers) – (303) 595-3434



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