Scranton 2018 – Walk for the cure!

“Everyday it’s a struggle.”

I founded my Institute on the basis that I could use what I learned in academics to help those suffering from horrible diseases such as brain cancer.

For many days it is still a struggle, we are young, biomedical science is expensive and difficult to fund, and there are times when people still think this is some sort of game. However, the universe always has some way of reminding us that there is some purpose in all of the chaos that can somehow be sorted through, only  if we choose to accept certain paths put before us.

For me that is tough, as I believe in trailblazing to push the boundaries of science each and every day; and to not be a follower. Though the two are probably not mutually exclusive from one another. Sometimes to be an effective pusher of boundaries one has to sit back and wait, and to assess the best long term strategy going forward for any mission or goal one is trying to achieve.

I was in one of those moments the other day while getting my flyers ready for the Walk for the cure! event in Scranton.  There  I was… on the phone trailblazing…. arguing with someone about some silly thing… and getting steamed up because of course my posters were not ready.

It was at this moment I decided stop, step back and assess.  Said thank you ma’am and waited the 5 extra minutes.

I spoke to her afterwards, and her story was truly inspiring. While I cannot go into specifics, essentially this person is taking care of someone who has a tumor on their brain stem. While it is not malignant, there will always be a fear of something happening to this individual.  “Everyday it’s a struggle” she told me.  I know that fear all to well. First as a parent myself. And second, I grew up with that same feeling “of something bad is going to happen” all throughout childhood. It’s painful, and emotionally draining.

These are the human stories that remind not only myself, but should be a lesson to everyone, that there i a need for what I am building, and that together we can make a difference.


I hope to see everyone in Scranton on May 20th to help support our cause

Scranton – 2018

Brian D. Adams

 Pres. of The Brain Institute of America