Update to FaceBook Link


January web fixes

The Institute made some minor adjustments and fixes to the Facebook site and the webpage itself. During this time some of the links between our webpage and social media sites may have been disrupted. If there are any issues,  contact us immediately and we will get the problem resolved.

  1. We now support an independent payment system for the virtual walks being hosted. In this way payments are processed directly through WordPress and on a secure platform independent of the Institute.
  2. The website itself now runs on a https platform/support with SSL certification. This means information posted to this site is secure!
  3. Our Privacy Policy has been updated. Our terms have not changed much, however during the conversion from http to https the link to our privacy policy broke.
  4. Under the Institute Technology portion of the site, I posted the about us video as seen on Facebook. please visit our site at http://braininstituteamerica.com/about/our-technology-platform/